Joan_wKidsJoan Green is an artist and art teacher who is passionate about connecting people to the earth and their own creativity. After years of teaching art in traditional schools, she realized that children needed more time and space to create. With her passion for using open-ended, reusable materials she started teaching after school classes where kids could use these materials in their creations.

When she would bring these art activities to community events, she realized that adults were just as engaged as their kids. So, she created Green Art Labs with the idea that art is for everyone and it can happen anywhere. Art labs can pop up at schools, at birthday parties, in homes, in parks, at community events, at retreats, or in studio spaces. And the focus is always the same…to give time and space for creating with open-ended, reusable materials.

Through her love of nature and her enthusiasm for reuse, Joan is currently an Affiliated Artist with the Climate Science Alliance, where she develops art activities with reusable materials for Climate Kids and other groups. She also was awarded the 2018 Community Artist of the Year with Arts for Learning where she creates art experiences for families, children and groups of all ages. In 2016 she was an artist in residence at Cabrillo National Monument. In her art, she explored “the edge” of Cabrillo – which translates to this environmental edge that we are balancing on. She is deeply concerned with the plastic ocean pollution problem, and through her art and teachings, is empowering children and their families to make more sustainable everyday choices to respect themselves and our planet.

The process of art making connects people to themselves in a very deep and intimate way. When we slow down and connect with our heart through art making, we become more aware of ourselves and our reason for being. When a person has that kind of awareness, this connection to everything on our planet just ripples outward. We care more about ourselves and every living thing. So we take better care of our world.

Watch the official Green Art Labs Video here!

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