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Entry Date: 10/13/20

Buying Big Green 

Two years ago when I needed a new mattress, I made an investment. Sure it would have been easy to go to the strip mall and pick up a cheap mattress, or even an expensive one. But luckily I stopped myself. I buy organic food. I shop at the thrift store to reuse. I care about the ingredients in all my beauty products. So why would I just be on autopilot when making a large purchase like a mattress? Doesn’t it make sense to make sure that the mattress that will be in my home for years, and that I will spend ⅓ of my life on is made of the best quality materials I can find? Yes! So, I did my research and picked an organically made Avocado mattress. Not only did it make me feel good because I knew that it was sustainably made with quality organic materials. The energy it held for me fueled me daily. Every time I went into my room and saw it I’d feel so proud for choosing it. Every night I’d fall asleep I’d have so much positive energy about the choice. It really boosts my confidence and my happiness – to this day!

Things hold energy for me. I couldn’t wait to get rid of the couch my ex husband spent years sitting on watching tv, instead of interacting with me. I cherish the vase my ceramic artist friend made with her own hands. The plastic corners of snack bags I’ve picked up with my students over the years fill me with so much joy and sorrow. Things hold energy. So when we’re making a choice, a purchase, bringing something into our most intimate space – our home – it’s crucial that we really think consciously about the decision. It holds energy and will make us feel something. 

I’m now on the lookout for a couch. I gave my last couch away to a family in need before I moved. It’s hard work trying to find a quality-made couch that I know I will keep for years. It’d be so much easier to just order one online or pick one out at a department store. But this choice will be with me – out in plain site – in my intimate space – my home. I want to make a choice I feel good about. One that will have me smiling widely when I come home and relax after a long day. I’m not going for cheap and easy. By taking the time and thinking it through I know that the ideal couch will reveal itself. When I find it, I’ll let you know!

What purchases have you felt good about? Do things hold energy for you? What’s one purchase you could make more consciously? 


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