ART SHOW The Last Straw: Making Trash Visible, Friday, April 20

Green Art Labs is excited to announce, in conjunction with Expressive Arts SD, the new art show The Last Straw: Making Trash Visible, which features artworks made from plastics with the common theme of ocean to bring awareness to the plastic ocean pollution problem.

Our own Joan Green was featured on channel 8 news to announce the show and discuss the ocean pollution problem. See the entire interview here.

Show opens Friday, April 20, 6-9 pm at Expressive Arts at 32nd & Thorn, 3201 Thorn St, SD 92104. 619-251-8474.

In addition to the art made of plastics, the opening will include:
Film screening of the documentary – “Straws: A Documentary for a Sea of Change
– Environmental Action Info
– Local food and drinks

The show includes Jellyfish art from the Jelly Girls which is on exhibition at Monterey Bay Aquarium and The Living Coast Discovery Center.

We’d love for you to be there, both because the art and its mission is a cause close to our hearts, and because it is so essentially  linked with what we do at Green Art Labs.

For more information, please see the Show’s facebook event page. We hope to see you there!

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