All Is She – Earth Day Art Show

All Is She – Virtual Earth Day Art Show

Call for Artists

Call for artists to create visual or performance art pieces inspired by the poem, “All Is She,” by Joan Green. Read the poem below. 

It’s time we make visible, the healthy planet we seek. Artists will respond to the poem, “All Is She,” describing the feminine rebirth of our planet.

Enter up to (4) pieces in any medium for consideration. Max 50 lbs. 50% commission to benefit, Expressive Arts @ 32nd & Thorn and Green Art Labs. 

4/15/20 Art proposals due include images, size and media to [email protected]  

4/18/20 All Is She – Earth Day Art Show – Virtual Opening online at

6/15/20 – Show ends

The use of salvaged or repurposed materials is preferred, but not required.

Provide an artist statement including artist’s name, medium, and price. Include information about sustainability of materials/processes used to create art. 

Sale of Art:
The All is She Art Show will retain the industry standard 50% commission on sales. All commissions will benefit reInterpret, a California 501(c)3 non-profit organization, Expressive Arts @ 32nd & Thorn, and Green Art Labs. 

For more information please contact: Joan Green [email protected], (619) 206-6613


“All Is She”
By Joan Green

An uprising was upon us. A powerful, female uprising coming from deep within. Gathering steam and momentum from all of the valleys, the roots, the tributaries. From the jet streams and currents. Rising, rising, working together to heal this eden masked by greed, ego and hate. 

First it trickled through the veins of each and every organism – the smallest microscopic ones were first until it surged within all the creatures and living beings of the world. The ones big enough to be seen by the human eye. When it reached our sight, it had gathered so much momentum that it was completely unstoppable – rolling, soaring, flowing unlike anything ever before. 

She, the movement, rose with so much force that she rattled the earth, breaking apart its desecrated landscapes, the forgotten, overgrazed and malnourished soils. Unleashing parched microbes and deadened nutrients from deep inside her belly. She rose and gathered the wetness from the rising seas, the melted ice caps and glacial sheets full of prehistoric nutrients and magical healing powers long ago forgotten. As she rose and torrentially flooded the lands, she plucked broken and starving coral reefs deadened from toxic waste and man’s fatal ideas – those unthinkable to mothers. 

She rose armed with sharp timbers dusted with ash from Amazonian fires so heavy with grief that only she could lift their souls of powerful ancestry knowledge. Armed with Earth’s richest and purest resources, she glided through toxic air pollution and swarmed car-ridden cities with her hurricane like winds, purifying the air so breathable that millions of aerial beings came back to life and soared once again. 

She shook the landscape to rid the ancestral burial lands of oil wells, pipelines and fracking pumps penetrating deep within her core. She rose up and demanded clean air as she took a breath in and out, causing all beings to feel deeply her rhythm within their own bodies and lungs. 

With this cleansing breath, their bodies were shaken awake, brains surging with renewed creative energy, ideas and actions. Their hearts pounding once again with the beats of animals running wild through the lands – escaping human bounds, freed from their confining stalls, factory farms and processing plants. They ran fast and hard to the top of the mountains witnessing this glorious revolution of human spirit. A true miracle never witnessed before, and never needed more than today. While they felt its power, they were not afraid. They knew she was here to heal, to nourish and save. As Neri Oxman says, “to mother, Earth.” 

As she washed their feet and hides and fur and feathers in the forgiving aqua blue waters, sparkling crystals washed out the decades of unjust behaviors to all of the world’s most vulnerable. With her nurturing, gigantic hands of love, she splashed up all the seas and rivers and lakes and cascaded them over her tunderels of silken hair, filtering out all of the man-made plastic ocean pollution, bringing to life the millions of sea creatures – big and small – who could thrive again. The fish swimming through her ringlets and curls of wild locks swirled down and down until every bit of toxic plastic waste was filtered from their scales and legs and bellies so finally they could confidently glide through their thriving seas. 

She smiled wide and pure and with a thunderous laugh awakened the spirits of all of those who had come before – letting them know, now, that the world had been healed. That never again would the humans forget their true place next to and deeply connected to all of the Earth’s living creatures, from the microscopic organisms to the rising thunderous peaks. All were deeply connected and all needed each other equally to survive. She lifted herself on top of this Earth, raised her arms boldly into the skies and established her connection grounded deep into the soil and soaring through to the universe. She is all and all is she. 

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